Closed cabin tabletop part washer LN-EPW160

Closed cabin tabletop part washer LN-EPW160Zárt kabinos asztali alkatrészmosó-1  LN-EPW160

With combined washing gun which not only washes effectively with high pressure, but it be changed into air blower, which facilitates part drying. Closed type part washer equipment is more safety applicable. Wash equipment’s internal size 736x558x452mm Описание на продукта »

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Part washer characteristics
  • With the wash gun’s pressure, you can clean away pollutants effectively.
  • Thanks to closed version, liquid and unpleasant gases can’t escape.
  • Wash gun be changed into air blower, which helps part drying.
  • Through the large size observation hole, you can follow up workflow safety.
  • Workflow safety follow up is helped by built-in lighting.
Part washer technical data

Washing pressure 4.8-8.2bar (70-120PSI)
Work surface 736x558x452mm
Liquid capacity 4-9l
Air consumption 4.8-8.2bar 14l/min

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