Hand inverter arc welding machine, with coated electrode, 10-80A 816078

Hand inverter arc welding machine, with coated electrode, 10-80A 816078

Telwin INFINITY 120+ACD, MMA and TIG inverter welding machine, max. welding current 10-80A. Applicable for electrode rutile basic, stainless steel, cast iron. 1.6-2.5mm diode diameter, lightweight compact design. Описание на продукта »

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Characteristics of hand arc welding machine with coated electrode

  • The best quality welding provided by direct current (DC)

  • MMA and TIG inverter welding machine for  rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron electrodes

  • Lightweight compact design, portable on shoulders

  • The welding machine has overheat and overvoltage protection

Hand welding machine with coated electrode welding functions

  • Anti-stick function prevents the sticking of the electrode to the workpieces

  • Hot Start the welding machine warms up quickly to a ready for operation state after being turned on

  • Arc Force function sets the current automatically according to the thickness of workpiece

What welding method do we recommend our welding machine to?

  • For metal structure welding where the aestetics of the weld is not important. The benefit of this welding method is that it can be used on corroded surfaces without preparation

Hand inverter arc welding machine technical data

Current range


Max. welding current (40°C)


Electrode diameter


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