Ultrasonic cleaner, 1.3l, 50W VGT-1613T

Ultrasonic cleaner, 1.3l, 50W VGT-1613TUltrasonic cleaner, 1.3l, 50W VGT-1613TUltrahangos tisztító készülék, 1.3l, 50W-1  VGT-1613TUltrahangos tisztító készülék, 1.3l, 50W-2  VGT-1613T

Ultrasonic cleaners are suitable for removal of any contaminants without dismantling the cleaned part. Ultrasonic cleaning ensures chemical-free purity without structural or material change. Описание на продукта »

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What is the ultrasonic cleaner used for?

  • Ultrasonic cleaners can be used to remove any organic and non-organic contaminants - dust, fungi, algae, oils, fats (plant, animal and artificial). The only condition is that the contaminant  has not formed a chemical bond with the cleaned object. Any solid object can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, metal, glass, rubber, palstic or ceramic. Ultrasonic cleaning does not require dismantling the cleaned object, as the clenaing solution seeps through cracks and openings. Can be used widely to clean car parts, electronic units, medical instruments, jewelry
How does an ultrasonic cleaner work?
  • Ultrasonic cleaners clean with a solution with microscopic cavitation bubbles, which can penetrate the smallest cracks. When streaming, the bubbles collide with the surface of the cleaned object, collapsing and releasing energy, which dislodges the dirt  deposited on the surface of the cleaned object. The bubbles are generated by 20-40kHz ultrasonic waves released into the solution. Ultrasonic cleaners do not require a special cleaning solution, as plain water is enough. Effectivity of the cleaning can be increased by additives, which decrease the surface tension of the water (which in turn allows the water to penetrate cracks more easily). There are also agents, which enhance bubble-formation, but any chemical are added to the solution has to be non-damaging to the cleaned object. During cleaning the fluid streams contantly and warms up due to the released energy, so that cooling has to be provided. There is also the issue of the cleaned object warming up. In case of a tenacious contaminant, it is suggested to perform the cleaning in several intervals. 

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning

  • During ultrasonic cleaning no chemicals remain on the cleaned object. There is no agressive physical impact on the cleaned object, its material is not modified. Composite objects do not have to be dismantled in order ot be cleaned.
Material SUS304 stainless steel
Time setting
Frequency 40kHz
Power 50W
Tank capacity
Tank dimensions

Ultrahangos tisztító
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